Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I finished my first class at WGU!

I finished my first class at WGU! Although, it was only the introductory class teaching me how to use WGU's website system. But hey, its one of the many credits that I will be receiving.

One assignment was to write a five paragraph essay. A simple essay, but a format that is used in elementary school. I had write about why I want to become a teacher. I wrote what I thought was a great essay, but my mentor told me that it didn't really follow the assignment. I was worried that I would have to start over again, but he also said that the assignment was to show if we could write well or not and I can write very well. Damn write! I'd better be a good writer, I only worked as a journalist for two years and then as a technical writer for three years and then as a blogger for two years.

I'm glad this course is finished. It was kinda frustrating having to take an introductory class. It was very helpful, but I wanted to get into the core classes as soon as possible.

I took a preassessment test to find out where I need to study and I think I injured my brain during that test. More on that in another post. 


zanke said...

Cool! I just started there too!

Maria said...

I'm debating this. How are things now?

College Headache said...

Interesting blog, I'm considering WGU this fall. You seem to have dropped out of sight... are you still attending classes? Or did you just give up blogging? Would love to hear more about your WGU experience.

Mark Baumgartner said...

For those of you still considering WGU,I am just about to graduate from there and wrote up a pretty long article about it.


David B said...

I am blogging about becomming a teacher at WGU as well. My blog is at http://brandnewteacher.wordpress.com